Hello grown-ups and little ones, a big welcome to the world of Aarchie the Armadillio. Aarchie has some amazing tales to share and will help children of all ages enjoy learning about quirks of the English language.


Through an interactive edutainment app Aarchie travels on a wondrous journey that will keep children thoroughly entertained and spark their imagination.  The little ones will learn all about homophones and soon find out about how words sound the same have a completely different meaning.


This first tale from Aarchie is full of fun characters and a great way to keep kids challenged, happy and entertained on a rainy day, during that long car journey or just before bedtime.


Wonderfully imaginative, the story changes from one scene to the next by simply pressing the glowing homophone which takes the little edutainees through to the next step in the journey.


The app is also packed with little treats along the way to keep the little ones lingering longer on a scene, or it’s easy to simply follow the narrated story as pure entertainment.




The Tales of Aarchie brings a different level of sophistication to educational story telling that makes learning for children highly engaging and memorable.


It’s entertainment meeting education, or edutainment as we like to call it.


So say hello everyone to Aarchie, he’s really looking forward to engaging kids imaginations with more and more elaborate tales…or is that tails?

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